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Valve Spring
Pulls valves shut


Activated by electricity, it cranks engine 
to start it 
Air Filter Element
Cleans air to be used by engine


Air Cleaner Housing
Holds air filter element and directs air 
through it
Mixes air/fuel for combustion


Water Pump
Circulates water to cool engine


Rotary Blade Adapter
Connects crankshaft to rotary mower 
Uses its weight to reduce uneven rotation 
of the engine 
Opens and closes to regulate air/fuel 
mixture and spent gases
Mixes fuel and air for combustion


Piston Rings
Seal piston to cylinder walls


Idler Pulley
Used to guide or tighten a v-belt
Lawn Sprinkler Head
Sprays water for irrigating lawn


Moves valve lifters to open and close 
Fuel Pump
Pumps fuel from tank to carburetor


Needle Bearing
Carries a shaft nearly frictionless


Sleeve Bearing
An economical bearing used to reduce 
friction on a shaft
Hydraulic Hose
Transmits hydraulic oil from one 
component to another 
Transmits power from one pulley to another


Flat Belt
Transmits power from one pulley to another


Distributes spark to multi cylinder engine


Uses its weight to reduce uneven rotation 
of the engine
Transmits power from the combustion 
chamber to the connecting rod 
Radiator Cap
Regulates and maintains pressure in the 
cooling system 
Transfers power from roller chain to a 
Tapered Roller Bearing
Used in pairs to carry a shaft nearly 
Transfers power from a shaft to another 
gear or vice versa 
Converts 6 volt source to ultra-high 
voltage for the spark plugs 
Engine Oil Filter
Filters engine oil
Connecting Rod
Connects the piston to the crankshaft 
and transfers power between the two 
Spark Plug Wire


Starter Solenoid
Engages/energizes starter


Forward/Reverse Pedals
Controls forwards/reverse movement 


PTO Control Lever
Turns PTO on/off


Parking Brake Control Lever
Holds parking brake on, releases it


Choke Control Lever
Adjusts choke for starting


Cruise Control Set Lever
Locks speed control


Valve Cover
Keeps oil in/dirt out of engine


Air Filter Precleaner
Washable/it precleans air


Air Box Cover
Covers air filter and directs air


Tie Rod End
Connects tie rod to wheel assembly


Front axle
Connects front wheel assembly to tractor


Dump Valve Release
Enables tractor to be pushed
Transmission Filler


Castor Gauge Wheel
Suppports mower deck