Lake County 4-H Tractor Club
Junior Lawn

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NOTE: Updated and new pictures are noted below. The following changes were made for 2002: the Slotted, Torx and Phillips screwdriver images were updated. A new picture showing personal safety devices was added. To see the new/updated pictures click here.

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Drain Plug
Remove to drain


Spark Plug Wire
Transmits spark from coil to spark plug


Edger Blade
Cuts sod along walks, etc.


Grass Clipper
Used to trim in small places


Tire Tube
Holds air in wheel/tire


Mower Height Adjuster
Adjusts height of mower


Makes electricity to operate the machine


Rotary Mower Blade
Driven by the engine, it cuts the grass


Quiets engines, arrests spark


Front Tire
Support front of garden tractor


Fire Extinguisher
Has pressurized powder that extinguishes 
Air Filter Element
Cleans air to be used by the engine


Amber Light
Used as a flashing warning light


Hose Nozzle
Sprays various patterns of water


Oil Dip Stick
Shows the level of the oil


Ignition Switch
Turns on/off and starts the engine


Fuel Filter
Filters fuel


Reflects light


Fuel Tank
Holds fuel supply


Lawn Mower Wheel
Supports and rolls the lawn mower


Spark Plug
Ignites air/fuel mixture in combustion 
Wheel Lug Bolt
Attaches wheel to threaded wheel hub


Ball Joint/Rod End
Used on linkage rods, tie rods, etc.


Valve Core
Installs in valve stem and allows air in/out


Ball Bearing
Carries a shaft nearly frictionless


Limits amount of current passed through 
a circuit
Valve Stem
Mounts in wheel to allow air to be put in 
or let out of tire
V-Belt Pulley
Transfers power from v-belt to a shaft


Roller Chain
Transmits power from on sprocket to 
Oil Dip Stick
Shows the level of the oil


Mower Height Adjuster
Adjusts height of mower


Mower Deck
Houses mower blades and contains debris


Front Tire
Supports tractor


Discharge Chute
Directs debris


Fuel Fill Cap
Allows one to fill fuel tank-keeps debris 
Rear Tire
Supports tractor


Valve Stem
Allows air to be put in or let out of tire


Tail Light
Alerts others


Brake Pedal
Returns tractor to neutral, applies brakes


Ignition Switch
Turns machine on/off


Throttle Control Lever
Adjusts engine speed


Oil Filler Cap
Used to put oil in engine


Oil Dip Stick
Shows the level of the oil


Kill Switch
Shuts engine off when seat is empty


Hydraulic Control Levers
Operate remote hydraulics


Air Filter Element
Cleans air to be used by the engine




Warning Label
Informative messages in various places/ 
various topics
Combination Wrench
Universal Joint
Crowfoot Wrench
Antifreeze/Coolant Tester
6 Point Socket

Slotted Screwdriver


Torx Screwdriver
Phillips Screwdriver
Personal Safety