Indiana State Fair 2014
Indiana State Fair

State Fair 2015 is August 7-23

*2014 State Fair 4-H Unofficial Results*
4-H results from the Indiana State Fair will be posted as they become available. Thank you for your patience as this is a cooperative effort between Indiana 4-H and Indiana State Fair.

NOTE: Results and Pictures requires a new browser window to be open and sometimes a pop-up blocker application will keep the window from being displayed. Please consult your pop-up blocker documentation on how to temporarily allow this.
Projects are awarded the following ribbons:
Green - does not meet project requirement/perishable/missing requirement information
White - barely meets requirement
Red - meets requirements, average quality work
Blue - very complete exhibit and well done
Special Merit - Exception Blue quality exhibit
Sweepstakes - One selected per Project Subject as overall best

Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of the 4-H youth who will be exhibiting and/or visiting this year's Indiana State Fair. You know the time, energy and perseverance it takes to be an active and committed 4-H member. 4-H focuses on a "learning by doing" method which enables the child to not only read and learn about his/her interests but also to complete a project to demonstrate what he/she learned in a particular area.

Our program today focuses on positive youth development and human capital. We utilize subject matter that enhances that development. We recognize that the youth of today are our future leaders. What they learn and experience in the 4-H program helps them develop into contributing citizens who will "give back" to their communities in the future.