Project   Project  
Aerospace   Performing Arts  
Agricultural Tractor   Personality  
Alfalfa   Pets  
Aquatic Science   Photography  
Arts and Crafts   Pigeon  
Beef   Plant Science  
Beekeeping   Poultry  
Bicycle   Rabbits  
Cake Decorating   Sewing  
Cat   Sheep  
Child Development   Shooting Sports  
Computer   Small Engine  
Consumer Clothing   Small Grains  
Corn   Soil and Water Science  
Crops   Soybeans  
Dairy   Sportfishing  
Dog   Strawberries  
Electric   Swine  
Entomology   Tractor  
Floriculture   Verbal Communication Events and Activities  
Foods   Veterinary Science  
Forestry   Weather and Climate Science  
Garden   Weeds  
Genealogy   Wildlife  
Geology   Wood Science  
Goats   Exploring 4-H
Hay (forages)   Bugs  
Health   Collections  
Home Environment   Corn(K-2)  
Horse   Exploring 4-H  
Junior Leaders   Exploring Farm Animals  
Lawn and Garden   Forestry(K-2)  
Leadership   More Bugs  
Livestock   Sewing  
Llamas (Llamas alpacas)   Space  
Microwave   Trees  
Mission to Mars