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Entomology (Indiana 4-H)

There are more kinds of insects in the world than all other organisms combined. They live on the earth's surface, in the soil, and in water. Insects live in deserts, rain forests, hot springs, snow fields, and dark caves. This project will help you study insect and their relationship with people. You can also learn how to collect, preserve, and identify insects.

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Manuals (Order from The Education Store)

    • Creepy Crawlies, BU-6853
    • What's Bugging You?, BU-6854
    • Dragons, Houses, and Other Flies, BU-6855
    • Helper's Guide, BU-6856
    • National 4-H resource website

Questions and Answers

Resources from Purdue's Entomology Department, website


  • The book, How to Make an Awesome Insect Collection (ID-401) is the official Indiana 4-H and contains:
    • Information on identifying, collecting, preserving, and displaying insects (and more!)
    • Insect order list. See page 57 for the list of orders or pages 194-199 for some common insects and orders (official IN 4-H exhibit reference)
    • Downloadable order labels, specimen labels and insect card points
  • 4-H 764 (How to Study, Collect, Preserve, and Identify Insects) may still be used and is a good resource for younger 4-H members. Note, however, that it lists three orders (Protura, Diplura, and Zoraptera) that are no longer on the accepted list.
  • Keys for ID-401A through ID-401F


  • Make Your Own: entomology boxes and spreading boards
  • How to Make an Awesome Insect Collection! (ID-401) available:
  • Who Let the Bugs Out? (ID-402) available:
    • online
    • purchase from The Education Store (coming soon)
    • APP
  • Entomology Articles by Dr. Tom Turpin
  • 4-H and Youth website from Purdue's Department of Entomology - This site is designed to provide Indiana's youth with a link to all of the entomological related programs offered. These include but are not limited to information on how to identify insects, how to create insect collections, special training activities, and other links of interest to youth and their leaders. It also provides sample quizzes for the Career Development Event (CDE).
  • The following are available for purchase through the Purdue Extension Education Store. Enter the keyword in the box after Search For:
    • How to Study, Collect, Preserve and Identify Insects (4-H 764), Keywords: identify insects
    • Entomology specimen exhibit cards. Search for: entomology exhibit cards. The packet includes 12 mounting cards for youth in Grade 3, 3 identification cards, and 4 order cards.
    • Collection boxes (4-H 763). Keywords: insect box
    • Insect mounting kits --100 pins, 3 vials (4-H 763A). Keywords: insect box
  • Insect identification and information Flash Cards. Want a color print-out, but no color printer? Try putting the file on a CD and getting color printing priced at a local copy store.
  • Display boxes from a commercial vendor
  • Websites - governmental, societies, pest management...
  • Publicaitons & Professional Societies
  • Emerald ash borer website (En Española)
  • Asian Lady Beetle


Entomology Career Development Event (CDE ~ contest)


Other Resources

The book, Arthropod Collection & Identification, Laboratory and Field Techniques is an excellent resource for 4-H entomology members that are interested in collecting insects. The authors are Purdue Entomology faculty, Dr. Chris Oseto and Dr. Tim Gibb. This book includes chapters on: Equipment and Collecting Methods, Agents for Killing and Preserving, Storage of Specimens, and a whole section on Classification. ISBN-13:978-0-12-369545-1, ISBN-10:0-12-369545-7

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