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Aquatic Science (Indiana 4-H)

This project helps youth learn about raising aquarium fish. You’ll learn the basics of aquarium setup and maintenance and how to select fish for your aquarium. The Indiana 4-H Aquatic Science manual gives an introduction to raising and caring for fish. Youth who are interested in learning more than the basics will need additional resources.
Questions and Answers No exhibit pictures available - The 4-H Aquatic Science Project does not have an option of taking fish to the Indiana State Fair because of the difficulties involved in keeping them alive. References:
  • Check the petstore where you purchased your fish.
  • Many resources can be found at your local library or on-line
  • Exploration Activities in Aquaculture, from Interstate Publishers, Inc., Danville, IL (800) 843-4774 or E-mail info-ipp@IPPINC.com ISBN 0-8134-3105-0 ($14.95 for 4-H clubs, as of July, ’01)




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