The Indiana 4-H Military Partnership is always in need of dedicated, passionate volunteers for a number of activities and functions that support Indiana's military youth. Volunteering can be a very rewarding experience.  Whether it's facilitating a fun leadership activity, assisting in the set up of an event, or teaching a workshop for military youth, there is a job for you! For a deployed soldier, there is no better feeling than to know that your kids are being cared for back at home while you are thousands of miles away





Indiana 4-H Military Partnership Volunteer Application

Click here for the online volunteer application 

Below are the activities and events for which you can volunteer. 

Youth Activities

Volunteers at youth activities could find themselves assisting with registration, setting up snacks, refreshing craft supplies, or even leading an activity about a topic of their interest at a youth event. These events happen almost monthly. This area also includes camps, either residential or day long opportunities. A general call for volunteers will be sent out when there is a need for any youth event.



the easiest option to volunteer. Advocate Volunteers are needed to simply spread the word about OMK. Share us with your organizations, follow us on Facebook or Twitter and share our posts and, most importantly, tell military youth about our activities! Advocates might also be asked to host an OMK information table at events across the state to inform communities about what OMK offers.


Technology (no tech experience needed!)

IN 4-H Military Partnership has two Tech Discovery Toolkits (TDT) that are used in a variety of settings that provides opportunities for military youth to discover new technology. Responsibilities would include training other volunteers how to use the TDT, facilitating activities with curriculum provided by the 4-H Military Partnerships and assisting at events.