Thais eat six to seven meals a day, but only a tiny portion at each meal. They do not use knives, forks, or chopsticks; they cut and eat all their food with spoons. Thai food usually tastes hot because of the many spices, herbs, and seasoned sauces used in cooking. Some seasonings include coriander, tumeric, mint, ginger, chili pepper, garlic, and coconut milk. Salad is usually served with the main meal and is topped with peanuts. Meat is roasted, grilled, or fried in Thailand. Fish and shellfish are almost always served fresh. Sea food and shredded meat such as chicken is served with rice or noodles. Fish sauce is also a popular addition to meals.

A variety of tropical fruits are served in Thailand. They include durian, jackfruit, bananas, and mangoes. Watermelon is named Taeng-mo and is eaten after a spicy dinner. The watermelon is supposed to quench the hot chilies used in Thai food. These fruits are served as desserts, as well as small, dry, raisin cakes.

Fruit carving is an art in Thailand. Many fruits such as watermelons are used for decorating or fruit carving for special occasions. Many times carved fruit is the center piece for the table and represents a beautiful flower arrangement or other piece of art.

Fruit juice is also very popular in Thailand. There is pure fruit juice, concentrated fresh juice mixed with water, and some fruit juice is used as a major ingredient in bottled soft drinks. Thais also drink ice water, coffee, and tea.


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