Specific careers

Consumer Specialist
If an individual wants a career helping industry meet the changing needs of people, college opportunities in the Foods and Nutrition in Business option should be considered. This option is designed for persons who want consumer or public affairs careers in a food company or governmental agency. In this option, basic strengths in foods and nutrition are integrated with an emphasis in communication, science, business, and management skills. High school preparation for this career should include college preparatory courses.

Examples of consumer specialist positions in the food industry include:

A consumer specialist in the food industry may be concerned with:

As a representative of a food company, the primary responsibilities would be to:

The responsibilities will vary depending on the job and type of food industry. A consumer specialist could also be responsible for:

Researcher at a University
Food science or nutritional science researchers at a university conduct experiments as well as teach classes to students. They differ from researchers at a food company in that at a university, researchers have the opportunity to investigate topics of personal interest. This career involves many years of schooling, culminating in a Ph.D. degree. High school preparation for this career should include college preparatory courses.

Generally, researchers have a specific field of interest. Some of the research being conducted today is on the frontiers of food science, including:

The Computer-Integrated Food Manufacturing Program developed at Purdue University is state-of-the-art technology. A mainframe computer is hooked up to sensors on a food company’s processing line.

It collects data and draws conclusions. The computer can slow down and speed up the line at key points to prevent line jams and gaps where raw material is missing. It also can signal alarms. Several other advantages to this new technology are listed below.

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