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Congratulations, a young person has asked you to be his or her helper. Your role as a helper is very important to the total educational experience of the young person. Not only will you be providing encouragement and recognition, you will also be the key person with whom the young person shares each of the experiences outlined in this activity guide.

The "Fantastic Food" curriculum series is designed to help youth have fun in the kitchen as they prepare different foods, do fun experiments, and go on fact-finding missions. The curriculum is designed around six major categories: healthy food selection, smart food purchasing, food safety and science, food preparation, food preservation, and careers and foods around the world.

Five manuals are available in the "Fantastic Foods" curriculum series. The four activity guides, Six Easy Bites, Tasty Tidbits, You're the Chef, and Foodworks, have been designed to be developmentally appropriate for grades 3-4, 5-6, 7-9, and 10-12 respectively, but may be used by youth in any grade based on their project skills and expertise. The fifth piece, the Project Helper's Guide, has been designed to provide you with some additional background and some tips on helping youth through the activities in their guide.

The Fantastic Foods web site is a useful tool for the project helper. The web site includes:

The charts can be downloaded and used as a handout during a group activity or as an aid for a project member preparing an action or formal demonstration.

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