Pressure Canning

Whether foods should be processed in a pressure canner or a boiling water canner depends on how much acid a food has naturally. Foods of different acidity require different mehtods of heat processing to reach the temperatures ncessary to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. Low-acid foods must be processed in a pressure canner. This includes all fresh vegetables (except tomatoes), meats, poultry, soups, and stews.

There are two important rules when pressure canning. Pressure canning must be done:

Why Does it Jiggle?
Wighted gauge pressure canners exhaust tiny amoutns of air and steam each time the gauge jiggles during processing. Pressure is controlled precisely and these canners do not need to be watched during processing. The sound of the weight rocking or jiggling indicates that the canner is maintaining the recommended presure; it is not necessary to check accuracy during processing.

Weighted gauge canners have one disadvantage; they cannot accurately correct for higher altitudes. Thus, at altitutdes above 1,000 feet, weighted gauge canners must be operated at canner pressures of 10 instead of 5 PSI; or 15 insted of 10PSI.

Tips on care of a pressure canner

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