Precycling is one of the first steps in preventing waste. The main focus is to reduce and reuse. Precycling is different from recycling because you make decisions before you buy. Precycling allows you to take action before recycling is an option. With precycling there is no need to process or transport recycled materials.

How can you precycle? The easiest way is to think before you buy. Do you have used plastic sacks or paper bags that you could take to the grocery instead of bagging your groceries in new sacks or bags? Precycling includes buying in bulk, purchasing goods wrapped in recycled or recyclable packaging, and avoiding disposable items. Look for products that come in containers that can be reused. Think of reusable alternatives to disposable razors, pens, paper plates, throwaway batteries, and paper napkins.

Below are some tips on how you can precycle.

The main point to remember is if you buy reusable, you've precycled!


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