Microwave cooking

Microwave ovens are fast, convenient and retain most of the vitamins and minerals in the foods they cook. They are time savers when it comes to defrosting and reheating.

Containers and Wraps

Because of the availability of a wide variety of containers and wraps, there is some concern that appropriate microwave-safe ones are being used.


Frozen foods defrost safest in the refrigerator within a day or two. When time is a problem, micro-defrosting is a safe way to defrost foods quickly. Never defrost foods on the kitchen counter at room temperature.

Specific information regarding defrosting in a microwave oven is given in the owner’s manual. Some food safety guidelines for micro-defrosting foods follow.


The microwave has special advantages when it comes to reheating foods. Not only is it a speedy way to reheat foods, it reduces the chances of overcooked flavor and appearance that many reheated foods have. Some food safety guidelines for reheating foods follow. Consult the owner’s manual for specific tips.

Ground Beef

Ground beef is so versatile, it is a popular choice of meat. Because it is naturally tender, ground beef microwaves well on high or medium high power. Although the short cooking time saves juiciness, there is not enough time for browning to occur. Using a brown ‘n sear dish can remedy this situation. Toppings and brown sauces may be used to add color, such as:

Some defrosting in the microwave tips follow.

Some adapting tips for cooking ground beef in the microwave follow.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are pre-cooked, so they only need to be heated. A common error is to heat hot dogs too long in the microwave oven. When that happens, they pop or explode. This can be avoided by pricking them with a fork or making diagonal slashes on them. Hot dogs vary in size, and it follows that larger ones take longer to heat.


Microwaving is the best way to cook bacon. The advantages include:

Brown spots occur on paper towels due to the sugar in bacon. A high sugar content may also cause the bacon to stick to the paper towel.

To microwave bacon:

Poultry Pieces

Chicken is an excellent food for microwaving. Because it cooks so rapidly in the microwave, chicken pieces do not get brown and crisp like with conventional cooking methods. To make the chicken more attractive, use a:

Some adapting tips for cooking poultry pieces in the microwave follow.

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