Level D - Foodworks

Extra Bite Solutions

Bite 3 - Food Safety and Science


3a. When the power's out

Locate sources of dry ice, freezer storage lockers, etc. as alternatives for when a power outage occurs for an extended time. Make a list and put it in a safe place where your family can find it in an emergancy.
Use the telephone directory and/or call a meat packaging plant for information on where to purchase dry ice and/or rent freezer storage lockers.


3b. Turkey safety
All questions have either no right answer or involve personal feelings.


3c. Marinade madness

1. Repeat the experiment using a commerical meat tenderizer (not instant). Cook one piece immediately, but follow label directions for the second piece.
Results will be very similar to marinating, depending on how much tenderizer is used. Marinating tenderizes meat by using an acid such as vinegar, but commercial tenderizers use enzymes (papain) to break down the protein in muscle fibers.

2. Find out what happens when you use tenderizer on a tender cut of meat.
Meat falls apart or becomes mushy; mouthfeel is not characteristic for meat.

3. Try using a mallet to pound one piece of meat but not the other. What effect does pounding have on tenderness?
Pounding is a mechanical means of tenderizing meat. Cubing and grinding have a similar effect.


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