Level D - Foodworks

Kitchen Talk Solutions

Bite 1 - Healthy Food Selection


1a. Cooking with children
Project skill: Conducting a food preperation activity for young children
Life skill: Exercising leadership
All questions have either no right answer or involve personal feelings.


1b. Finding help
Project skill: Identifying local programs that offer food or nutrition assistance to pregnant women
Life skill: Being a responsible citizen

1. Which programs are available to pregnant women at no charge?
There are several organizations that are likely to offer food or nutrition assitance to pregnant women. Each community may have a different combination of programs or services. Some organizations besides federally funded programs include:

Some federal programs include:


1c. More than vegetables
Project skill: Making bean burritos
Life skill: Managing resources

3. What is the protein complementary match in burritos?
Grains and legumes (flour tortillas and kidney beans).


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