Level C - You're the Chef

Extra Bite Solutions

Bite 5 - Food Preservation


5a. Zesty salsa
Ask a grandparent, parent, or a family friend how canning has changed over the years. What kinds of food did they preserve by canning? What methods did they use?
Home canning began when the mason jar was patented in 1858. The method for canning at that time was called "open-kettle" canning. Hot jars were filled to the brim with hot, fully cooked food, then the lids were clamped on, and a vacuum was expected to form an airtight seal as the contents cooled. The airtight seal was thought to be "proof against contamination." When canning first began, open-kettle canning was used mostly for home-canning fruit and tomatoes. This method continued until World War II even though its limitation was that it could be used only for strong-acid foods. By the mid-1940's, food scientists and microbiologists started to discourage open-kettle canning because it was inadequate to prevent the risk of spoilage. The USDA discourages the practice of open-kettle canning. Other practices and equipment that are not recommended includ conventional ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, steam cannners, canning powders, jars with wire bails and glass caps, and one-piece zinc porcelain-lined caps.


5b. Jiffy jam
All questions have either no right answer or involve personal feelings.


5c. Pucker up!
All questions have either no right answer or involve personal feelings.


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