Level C - You're the Chef

Kitchen Talk Solutions

Bite 2 - Smart Food Purchasing


2a. Slow, moist, and tender
Project skill: Cooking less tender cuts of meat
Life skill: Managing resources

1. How does moist cooking tenderize less tender cuts of meat?
Moist cooking (oven- and panbraising, stewing, and simmering) tenderizes tough meat by softening an dissolving most of the connective tissue. The main component of connective tissue is collagen (a protein), the "glue" that holds muscle fibers together. This collagen turns into gelatin when it is exposed to hot, moist cooking conditions.


2b. Crazy casseroles
Project skill: Comparing homemade casseroles with a box mix
Life skill: Managing resources

2. What advantages did the box mix offer?
Convenice:no gathering supplies, measuring ingredients, or having to find the recipe.

The homemade version?
Cost, possibly taste, the option to change the amount cooked (for more or fewer servings), and the option to change or eliminate certain ingredients for health reasons (such as salt).


2c. Don't throw it out!
Project skill: Using overripe fruit to make banana bread
Life skill: Managing resources

2. If you have overripe bananas but no time to bake banana bread, how could you keep the bananas until you were ready to use them?
Peel and mash the bananas. Add a little lemon juice to prevent darkening. Place in a freezer container and freeze until you are ready to use them.

3. What other overripe fruits can be made into bread, pudding, etc.?


2d. A five-pound deal
Project skill: Dividing family packs of group meat
Life skill: Managing resources
All questions have either no right answer or involve personal feelings.


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