Level B - Tasty Tidbits

Kitchen Talk Solutions

Bite 5 - Food Preservation


5a. Frozen cookies
Project skill: Freezing batter or baked products
Life skill: Managing resources
All questions have either no right answer or involve personal feelings.


5b. Who needs blanching?
Project skill: Freezing vegetables
Life skill: Mastering technology

2. Name four foods that must be blanched before freezing.

3. Why is it important to blanch vegetables before freezing them?
It is important to blanch vegetables because it destroys the enzymes that keep ripening the food. If the enzymes aren't destroyed or stopped, they will eventually cause the vegetables to lose their color, flavor, and texture.


5c. Pizza freeze
Project skill: Freezing pizza
Life skill: Practicing creativity
All questions have either no right answer or involve personal feelings.


5d. Going bananas!
Project skill: Drying and freezing bananas
Life skill: Managing resources

1. How are your dried banana chips similar or different from the ones you froze? Think about texture, color, and anything else you notice!
Dried banana chips: crispy, yellow, thinner and smaller than original undried slice, packable to eat anywhere.
Frozen banana chips: creamy, whitish, same size as original cut slice, must remain frozen.

4. What are other methods of time management in the kitchen besides freezing and drying foods?


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