Level B - Tasty Tidbits

Extra Bite Solutions

Bite 2 - Smart Food Purchasing



2a. How much is it?
It's not always true that the largest package of a food item costs less (on a unit price basis) than a smaller package. Find an item at the grocery store that costs less per unit in small packages! And remember, if you can't use all the food in a larger package, it may not be a bargain.
Answer varies. Comparison pricing is necessary for most items bought in bulk. For example, buying 8 pints of strawberries at 98¢ a pint is less expensive than buying a half case (8 pints) at $7.99; the difference is 15¢ . In general, the largest price discrepancies will be in different sizes of prepared frozen foods.


2b. What's in a name?
All quetions have either no right answer or involve personal feelings.


2c. Check 'em out!
All questions have either no right answer or involve personal feelings.


2d. Make your own!
There are other mixes you can make that are like the store-bought mixes. You can find recipes in cookbooks, especially Make-a-Mix type cookbooks. Check them out at the library!
Some examples include all-purpose baking mix to make brownies, pancakes, and various cookies; instant oatmeal mix; cake mix; pudding mix; and gravy mix.


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