Level A - Six Easy Bites

Kitchen Talk Solutions

Bite 5 - Food Preservation

5a. Scream for ice cream!
Project skill: Making ice cream
Life skill: Mastering technology

1. How much ice cream did you end up with in the coffee can?
Twice as much as when twirling started.

2. Was this more or less that what you started with?

3. Why?
Twirling the spoon handle incorporated air into the cream.

4. Why did you salt the crushed ice?
To get the ice colder so the ice cream would freeze. Ice cream freezes at 27°F (-3°C), but ice starts to melt at 32°F (0°C). Salt lowers the freezing point of water. Mixing salt with ice makes a substance with a freezing point of about 23°F (-5°C). If the coffee can contained just ice, the ice would melt quickly to an ice-water mixture, and the ice cream would not freeze.


5b. You be the judge
Project skill: Checking freezer packaging material
Life skill: Making decisions
All questions have either no right anwer or involve personal feelings.


5c. Saga of a soggy sandwich
Project skill: Freezing a sandwich
Life skill: Using scientific methods

3. How can you avoid freezer burn?
Package the food so freezer air and moisture will not affect it.


5d. Frosty freezer fruit
Project skill: Freezing berries
Life skill: Mastering technology

3. What are some common mistakes people make when freezing food?
Other answers may be given, but the following two topics are common mistakes that are important in the freezing process.


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