Level A - Six Easy Bites

Extra Bite Solutions

Bite 4 - Food Preparation


4a. Pancakes, anyone?
All questions have either no right answer or involve personal feelings.


4b. Colossal cookies
Use a teaspoon or tablespoon your family uses everyday to measure some salt. Then note how much salt you have to add or remove to make one standard teaspoon or tablespoon. How accurately can everyday silverware measure?


4c. Chips in muffins
Make another batch of muffins but this time "forget" to add the baking powder. What happened? Compare these muffins with the others you have made.
Muffins do not rise if there is no leavening agent. These muffins are even flatter than the ones that were left to stand for 25 minutes before baking.


4d. Micro stuffed potatoes
What happens when you try to make more than one micro-baked potato?
They are not done in 8 minutes plus 5 minutes standing time. One of the limitations of a microwave oven is that the cooking time depends on how much food is in the microwave oven. That is not true for a conventional oven.

How much more time does it take to "bake" two or four potatoes?
Two potatoes require 8-10 minutes to cook in the microwave oven; four potatoes require 14-18 minutes. Five potatoes require 18-22 minutes to cook in the microwave.


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