Level A - Six Easy Bites

Extra Bite Solutions

Bite 1 - Healthy Food Selection


1a. Mama mia pizza pockets

1. Invent some other fillings. Try leftovers, taco-seasoned meat, etc.
Note: Foods with a lot of sauce are not recommended because they may "leak" out of the pocket.

2. Design another breakfast entree that you could eat on the run and that has at least three of the food groups in it.
Some ideas from recipe books include:

3. Check out school lunches for a week. Do they offer all five food groups every day?


1b. Bone up on calcium

Find and prepare a recipe featuring a food that gives you lots of calcium. Serve it to your family or bring it to the next meeting for everyone to taste!
Recipes featuring a food rich in calcium can be made from:


1c. Fruit kabobs

2. Think of other nutritious foods you could put on a skewer.


1d. Snackin' power
All questions have either no right answer or involve personal feelings.


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