Hormones are small molecules which regulate all the biological reactions in living organisms. They are:

For example, insulin is necessary to transport glucose molecules into cells and maintain a steady level of glucose in the bloodstream for normal functioning. Another example is growth hormone, which initiates growth in children.

Hormones are used in livestock for several reasons, such as to:

BST: Bovine Somatotropin
The hormones-in-meat controversy is currently being overshadowed by the BST controversy in milk. BST is a hormone that is produced naturally in cows; it stimulates milk production. Dairy cows injected with BST increase milk production by 10 to 25%.

However, the practice of using BST may not be without risks. Consumers are concerned whether:

Proponents point out the facts in the BST issue:

PST: Porcine Somatotropin
A growth hormone that helps produce lower-fat pork called porcine somatotropin, or PST, may be the next controversial issue. Like BST, it is a result of biotechnology research.

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