Helping Youth Develop a Postivite Self Concept

One of the most important things you can do as a Project Helper is to help youth you work with develop a positive self concept.

Self concept is who we think we are, the picture we have of ourselves, plus the picture we think others have of us. Self concept plays an important part in our overall wellness. It affects the ways we look at our body, how we express ourselves and interact with our friends, and it even influences how we make decisions. The potential for a positive self concept lies within each of us. Self concepts can be changes. They are not carved in stone.

A person with a positive self concept does not necessarily have more skills than a person with a poor self concept. But having a positive self concept helps when youth are faced with today's critical health issues. Therefore, one of the most important things you can do as you work with youth is help them develop a positive self concept. Here are a few tips to start you on your way.

1. Focus on the INDIVIDUAL

2. Facilitate SELF-PRAISE


4. Help youth set REALISTIC GOALS.

5. Emphasize the POSITIVE.

6. Establish a warm, comfortable ENVIRONMENT.

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