Greek cuisine is influenced by the country's own history and the cultures of Turkey, the Middle East, and the Balkans. Greek cuisine is both fresh and fragrant, very simple, yet well-seasoned.

The Greek menu contains many varieties of fresh foods. Olive trees and grapes grow in Greece. The seas surrounding Greece are filled with a variety of fish and shellfish. Fish are served whole, with the head still on, either grilled, baked, or fried.

Greeks delight in preparing and serving red meat. Lamb is the main meat in Greece. It is braised and stewed in casseroles. Skewed meats are also very common. Stews are common in Greece because simple gas burners and hearths were the only tools cooks had to prepare food. Meat was expensive, so it was used sparingly and in combination with a variety of vegetables, beans, rice, or pasta. Other meat prepared in stews include beef and veal, goat, chicken, other fowl and game. Pork, beef, and game are marinated, grilled, and gaked. Chicken is broiled and braised.

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