Freezing Prepared Foods

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Food prepared in advance for meals can be kept in the freezer, ready for any use including:

There are many advantages to freezing prepared foods, besides the fact that you know you will like it, including:

A disadvantage in freezing prepared foods is that it can be expensive because of the:

It is always more economical to make a prepared food from scratch when needed. However, for modern lifestyles, the time saved in having prepared food in the freezer must be considered. The cost of homemade prepared foods is less than purchasing frozen convenience foods.

Helpful Tips on Freezing Prepared Foods

Foods need to be cooled quickly, before they are frozen, in the interest of safety. It is not safe to cool foods at room temperatures; try the following solutions.

The following chart lists foods that freeze well and those that do not. If there is a food not listed or there is uncertainty as to how a prepared food freezes, freeze just a small portion the first time. It can be checked later for quality.

Don't Freeze Why?
Hard cooked egg whites Tough, rubbery, and off flavor; add when reheating
Products with artificial flavorings Taste changes; use only real vanilla or other extract
Unbaked biscuit dough Small, less tender biscuits
Unbaked muffin batter Poory textured muffins
Fried foods Stale taste when reheated
Unbaked cake batter Lower cake volume

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