Curriculum Scope and Sequence

Healthy food selection
(Once you swallow)
Smart food purchasing
(Money talks)
Food safety and science
(Play it safe)
Food preparation
(Kitchen magic)
Food preservation
(Eat it later)
Careers and foods around the world
(Imagine that!)

Level A

Six Easy Bites

a. Mama mia pizza pockets
b. Bone up on calcium
c. Fruit kabobs
d. Snackin' power
a. Tune into ads
b. Sweet sugary search
c. Juicy juice
d. Making brownie cents
a. Danger zone
b. Fuzzies on my bread
c. Glo germ
a. Pancakes, anyone?
b. Colossal cookies
c. Chips in muffins
d. Micro stuffed potatoes
a. Scream for ice cream!
b. You be the judge
c. Saga of a soggy sandwich
d. Frosty freezer fruit
a. What's my line
b. The chain gang
c. Thailand watermelon
d. Mexican churritos

Level B

Tasty Tidbits

a. The gritty on grains
b. Here come the veggies
c. Better wedges
d. Fit it in!
a. How much is it?
b. What's in a name?
c. Check 'em out!
d. Make your own!
a. Green fuzzy stuff
b. Making your own yogurt
c. Reheating leftovers
a. Baking better batters
b. Twisting twisty pretzels
c. Easy cheesy lasagna
d. Biscuit or "cookie"
a. Frozen cookies
b. Who needs blanching?
c. Pizza freeze
d. Going bananas!
a. Colors and reactions
b. Taste testing
c. Italian pasta
d. Swedish meatballs

Level C

You're the Chef

a. Fit is in!
b. Get the facts on fads
c. Emotions, eating, and you
d. Lean on!
a. Slow, moist, and tender
b. Crazy casseroles
c. Don't throw it out!
d. A five-pound deal
a. Slow them down
b. Emulsions
c. Spoilers or helpers?
a. Ring around
b. Whole meal deal
c. Breadsticks for a crowd!
d. Do a stir-fry
a. Zesty salsa
b. Jiffy jam
c. Pucker up!
a. Food photography
b. Invent a snack
c. India chicken curry
d. New Zealand paraoa parai

Level D


a. Cooking with children
b. Finding help
c. More than vegetables
a. Precycle before you recycle!
b. Divide in two
c. Food budgets
d. Eating out
a. When the power's out
b. Turkey safety
c. Marinade madness
a. Meat loaf
b. Oven-baked fish
c. Perfect pies
d. Sizzling chicken
a. Pressure canning
b. Freezer smarts
c. Jelly jamboree
a. Cater-a-party
b. Planning with exchanges
c. Greek baklava
d. Mexican flan


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