Cookie Storage

Trouble-shooting cookies
This happened: Because of this:
  • Liquid not measured accurately.
  • Flour not measured accurately.
  • Incorrect form of fat used, such as melted, whipped, or oil form.
  • Cookie sheets not cooled between baking times.
Dry, crumbly
  • Too much flour.
  • Oven too hot or baked too long.
  • Expired baking powder used (check the bottom of the can for the expiration date).
Too dark
  • Baked too long or oven too hot.
  • Baking sheet or pan with dark, nonstick coating, or glass pan was used without lowering oven temperature by 25°F.
Run together
  • Batter spaced too close together on baking sheet before baking.
Not brown on top
  • Oven rack not in middle of oven.
  • If baking bar cookies, the pan may be too deep for the amount of batter in it. The pan should be two-thirds full.

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