Sponsorship funds provided by national breed associations, corporations, state and regional 4-H groups, agri-business, and individuals are a vital resource that enables the roundup management committee to offer educational events and curricula at an affordable rate. The success of such national 4-H programs directly impacts the scope and magnitude of educational horse programs offered to youth at the county and club level. The continued success of these programs depend on donations. To ensure the continuing offering of a high quality event, the remainder of the income is generated from other supporters.

We invite you to become part of these national 4-H Horse programs by supporting today's youth and tomorrow's industry leaders. Though "thanks" hardly seems adequate to recognize all of the many staff, volunteers, and contributors who have supported the 4-H Horse Program in the past and continue to support these national 4-H horse events. We want to again extend our heartfelt thanks. Three words from the youth to thank sponsors.

If you would like to become a sponsor of this event, please contact us.

Diamond Sponsor

North American International Livestock Exposition

Gold Sponsors
Silver Sponsors
Bronze Sponsors
Contributing Sponsors
Supporting Sponsors

Clemson University

Florida 4-H Horse Program

Montana Silversmiths, Inc.

Michigan State 4-H Horse Program

Pinto Horse Association of America

Virginia 4-H Horse Program

Zeecraft Technical


We would like to thank the following programs for supporting Eastern National 4-H Roundup

by paying travel expenses for committee members and officials attending the event:

Clemson University

Florida 4-H Horse Program

IIndiana 4-H Horse and Pony Program/Purdue University

Kentucky 4-H Horse Program

North Carolina State Universty

South Carolina 4-H Horse Program

University of Connecticut

University of Illinois

University of Kentucky

University of Wisconsin Madison

Virginia 4-H / Virginia Tech


These are sponsors and partners of the Eastern National 4-H Horse Roundup Contest and have provided funding, goods, or services in support of 4-H.

Acceptance of these sponsorships/donations does not imply endorsement by 4-H of any firm, product, or service.



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